4 reasons why intelligent people have a tough time finding love

Research shows that it’s very difficult for smart and intelligent people to start and continue a relationship. This problem even continues after college. These are the reasons why intelligent people have a hard time finding love.

They prioritise achievement over relationship

Those who end up going to Ivy League Universities are focused on achievement and not on the relationship. Parents of smart kids want them to get straight A’s, practice guitar, join math based club, etc. As children grow up like this, they don’t get the time to form friendships, which is the first phase of finding love.

They think achievement equals love Intelligent people think that achievement equals to love from parents and peers. They believe that the same will happen in the case of trucker dating. But in reality, this doesn’t happen, and those people take a long time to realise it.

Intimidation factor

Intelligent people are intimidating to other people. They are not just intimidating to dumb or not so smart people, but to other intelligent people as well. So, they face problems during arguments or discussing something in a relationship.

They are too cautious

portrait of an executive young woman putting on her glasses

Intelligent people think a lot. They think of the present and future issues. They analyse everything which often leads to relationship problems. It is not possible to enjoy time if someone is always thinking about what might go wrong in the future.

If you think you are intelligent, then you must be careful about these factors. If you are frustrated in finding your love, then you can go to a counsellor and discuss your problems.