How to Make a Wood Chair Mat

Having a wood chair mat can be used so that your laminate or wood flooring can be prevented from being damaged. The damage can be done if a chair is scraped across the floor, anything that involved moving a chair can damage the floor especially on a wooden floor, but now there are things which can be done to prevent the flooring from being damaged any more. Things which are becoming more common are plastic mats, this can stop any damage made to the floor but you don’t need to use plastic to create the mat, you can make one from wood. A wood chair mat can last a lot longer than what a plastic one could and really it can be a very nice piece of decoration to have in the home.

The things needed for this task will be;

1. Two Clamps

2. A Hand Or Table Saw

3. Some Liquid Nails

4. A Plastic Mat

5. A Rubber Mallet

6. A Router With A Router Bit Used For Trimming The Edges

7. Wood Glue

8. Eight Inch Pieces Of Wood Interlocking Laminate Flooring – Around Eight Pieces Are Needed

9. Three Or Four Feet Molding

When you have bought your interlock laminate flooring, you should read the instructions that came with it as to how you can put this together. You will also have to add a head of wood glue onto the lip of the strip that interlocks the first before which should be done before you attach them together; you need a rubber mallet to help put these first pieces together. They have to be aligned perfectly so that they have a professional looking finish; add a weight on top of these so that they can remain together – you should leave this on for five minutes.

These steps will have to be redone for all of the pieces of wood interlocking laminate flooring.Take your laminate board over and then mark and measure out where the center is going lengthwise; you can use either a hand or a table saw to cut right down the center line so that the boards will be split into two separate pieces. You really should hope that the laminate board doesn’t split or splinter when you are cutting so take care when you are cutting the board.

Take your laminate flooring – your two pieces and take your wood glue also and then glue these to either end of your floor mat. This should be put onto a flat surface and a weight put on top of that so this can be kept flat until the glue dried out.Next to the routing, put your mat upside down and take your router; now is the time when all interlocking edges must be removed. Any which are clear should be removed now so go ahead and do so, it wont take long to do.

Take your plastic mat and measure out the greatest points on the mat, which will be both the width and the length of the mat, then go ahead and measure the narrowest points in the mat also. These areas will need to be marked out now however make sure that this is done on the bottom of the wood chair mat and then you can route the mat for the measurements needed.

When it comes to the finish product, you will have to get the liquid nails and add a layer of that underneath the wood chair mat. You don’t want to add too much and don’t add any near the edges either; you need a nice finish when you add this to the plastic mat.

Take your plastic mat and put it up to your wood mat and make sure the fingers are kept up and have a heavy weight which you can put on this until it has dried out. You will have to leave it a good few hours until it has dried fully before you add some molding at the edges and it should be now ready for use.